October-Nov 2021 Update

Greetings, friends of Lifeline Gifts!

We are excited to share with you the news that we just finished packing the 150th box! With the help of your generous financial support, and the shopping and bargain-hunting skills of our team members, we’ve been collecting supplies for boxes for about a year now! This year we are again sending the finished boxes to Samaritan’s Purse for their Operation Christmas Child program. Since the deadline for submitting the filled boxes is now only two days away, we had to stir our stivvers to get all of the supplies into their respective boxes and on their way to the intended recipients!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Anita and Candace Morley for taking on the big job of organizing all of the materials, as well as planning and scheduling the packing days! Much of the behind-the-scenes work was done by those two ladies, and we certainly could not have done it without them! Thank you ladies!

Amaris’s health has not been good enough recently to allow her to take an active part in all of the Lifeline Gifts doings this year, but she is still the driving force and visionary behind the project.

Over the past few weeks we’ve packed 150 boxes in six different categories:

  • Boys – small
  • Boys – medium
  • Boys – large
  • Girls -small
  • Girls – medium
  • Girls – large

Our last big day of packing was such a beautiful fall day that Amaris was even able to come sit in an easy chair and watch the proceedings! Many hands make light work, and we filled the 100 remaining boxes in only about 3 hours. Now they’re all packed into the trailer awaiting delivery to the nearest dropoff location!

All of the boxes ready to go!
(Photo Credit: Candace Morley)

Please pray with us that these boxes would be a blessing wherever they go! May they be a little “picture” of God’s wonderful gift of His Son who came for even “the least of these”! Thank you for partnering with us in your prayers and financial support! We truly could not do it without you!

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