September 2021 Update

Hi Friends!

Exciting news – 6 girls packed 51 layette bundles on Saturday!!  Added to the progress of that accomplishment, was the fact that the week before we had a nearly new 23 x 30 metal shed delivered, paid for by interested people.  Several of the young people helped us move all the totes and boxes to the new LLG shed, so this packing went so much smoother and faster than any other time, and we got many more done in  a shorter period of time.  Another added help was a 12 foot cafeteria style table we’d found at a yard sale just that morning for just $60, as you see in the attached photo.  Amaris was able to watch on a camera.

We did as many bundles as we had Bibles for…. so we have used up the 120 Bibles we purchased exactly 3 months ago! Time to buy some more!!

Boxes 2021:  Because of a couple of large donations last month, we have been able to finish all the purchasing for 150 boxes to be sent through Samaritan’s Purse (or a missionary, if someone contacts us before we arrange to send them off).  In addition, a young single man missionary in the mountains of Mexico contacted us wanting about 30 boxes to deliver to a poor village he ministers to occasionally.  We hope to get those 30+ done mid-Oct, and then do the 150 in shifts as we have help available, before the Nov. 15 deadline.  It is so rewarding to see this coming together, all to the glory of God.  We pray over these bundles and boxes while packing and after we finish, that each one they go to will be influenced for eternity, and then they will influence someone else.  If you can’t go, and you can’t give, then please PRAY!  Transportation for getting these boxes where they need to go, is a big expense and logistic to work out still.

I believe God has sent this ministry as a lifeline to me and I pray that it will be a Lifeline to many others.  Thank you Jesus for what you are going to do. 

Thank you so much for considering Lifeline Gifts!  We appreciate every dollar and try to make each one count! We couldn’t do this without you! To Jesus all the glory for every life touched.


Amaris Morley (by Mom’s hand) |

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