Layette Bundles

I (Amaris) enjoy listening to prolife podcasts and YouTube videos. It would be my dream to one day have an active role in campaigning for the lives of babies, but that is not something I am able to do at this point. Instead, God has given me some other ways to support prolife movements.

A few months back I posted a prayer challenge on my blog and invited others to join me in praying for God to touch the hearts of people who take the lives of babies. We also prayed for God to change the hearts of the moms so that they will choose life for their little ones.

Recently the Lord has given me a new idea to start putting together small mom/baby gifts to be given out to moms who have chosen to save their babies. Our first project has been to partner with a local mission that ministers to women outside a late term abortion mill. We put these bundles together for Christmas of 2020. This is hopefully just the beginning of the partnerships we will form. I have a great team that helps me with shopping for the items and assembling them into bundles. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for this newest facet of Lifeline Gifts!

This video shows our recent layette bundle packing:

This is a list of items we will be putting in our bundles for Moms and babies:

For the baby: 2 newborn onesies, a sleeper, a receiving blanket, diapers, a hat, socks, a bottle, a pacifier, stuffed animal, and a homemade baby quilt.

For the Mom: A Bible, fuzzy socks, a comfy long-sleeved shirt, lotion, and a fridge magnet that has an inspirational message for Moms on it (pictured below).

Here’s a picture of the gift for the moms after being wrapped up in a neat little package!

A finished bundle, ready to go!

The estimated cost for one layette bundle is $45.

If you would like to help sponsor some bundles, or know of an organization that could use them, please get in touch with us! You can contribute financially to help buy supplies with the button below.

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