Where in the World Did The Boxes Go?

Last November when we sent off the 150 Lifeline Boxes, we attached some tracking labels to them so that we could find out where they went! Samaritans Purse sends the Operation Christmas Child boxes all around the world, so we were quite curious where ours would end up.

Well, we looked up the tracking info on Samaritans Purse’s website, and it looks like our boxes ended up in Namibia, Honduras, and Madagascar!

A couple of members of our LLG team have visited Namibia before, and a couple of us have been to Honduras as well! We all love traveling and experiencing other cultures, and it’s fun to picture how far our boxes traveled to get to their destination, and the delight of the children who received them!

We trust and pray that the love of Jesus will speak to their hearts through the simple little gifts that they received. Thank you to all who gave of their time, money, and muscles to bless 150 little ones in Christ’s name! To Him be the praise and the glory!

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