About Us

I started Lifeline Gifts in the fall of 2019 to help needy children of all ages around the world. I have a chronic illness that leaves me unable to perform normal daily tasks. I’m mostly confined to my bed or recliner, but I was seeking something that I could do, something for people and for God. So, I started gathering the needed funds. I was able to order all the supplies and, with the help of many willing hands, we prepared 200 boxes that were sent out in November 2020. You can watch the video documenting that project on our homepage. (The picture above shows the volunteers who helped out with that project!) In November 2021, we sent out another 150 boxes through Operation Christmas Child.

Lifeline Gifts packs boxes or backpacks filled with toys, hygiene supplies, school supplies, arts and crafts, clothes, a Bible Story book and a New Testament. They are then sent around the world by Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan’s Purse) or similar organizations to children who are in very needy situations, such as war, famine, natural disasters, or those who have physical needs. I will also be sending to anyone I hear of who can use these boxes/backpacks.

In the fall of 2020, we expanded our vision to include gifts to moms who change their minds about abortion, and choose LIFE for their little one. Our vision is to supply a little layette bundle of supplies for the baby, as well as a small gift for the mom including a Bible.

We have already partnered with a local mission to start implementing this idea, and sent out 20 bundles. They went out around Christmas 2020. As of February 2022, we have sent out about 150 layettes! Hopefully this is just the beginning of the partnerships we will form!

During 40 Days for Life this year, we have been able to expand to 4 main areas farther out from us within MO and over into IL, delivering over 120 layettes just in March 2022. We are currently searching for places to partner with and send out more bundles. We always try to have bundles prepared ready to send. Contact us if you know of a ministry that can use them!

We are still considering the possibility of turning Lifeline Gifts into an official non-profit organization as soon as we get enough support, as we want our ministry outreach to touch as many lives as possible. I have a wonderful team to help me out with all that is involved with this undertaking.