Sharing Jesus One Gift at a Time

The mission of Lifeline Gifts is to help children to learn more about God by giving them a gift and a New Testament.

Child with gift

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Sharing Christ’s Love With Children Around The World

Each box is filled with toys, hygiene products, school supplies, arts and crafts, clothes, and a personal letter or picture. One box could help teach a whole family about Jesus! Lifeline Gifts’ vision is not only to bring joy to children in other countries, (as well as our own country), but in the end to multiply the kingdom of heaven.

Layettes for newborns

In the fall of 2020, we expanded our vision to include gifts for moms who reconsider abortion and choose LIFE for their little ones. Our goal is to supply a little layette bundle of supplies for the baby as well as a small gift for the mom. We have already partnered with a local mission to start implementing this idea, and we are in the process of gathering supplies and assembling them into bundles. Our plan is for these bundles to go out this Christmas, and we hope to do even more layette bundles in the future.

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