What People Are Saying About the Layette Bundles

Thank you so very much for these lovely layettes! I love how adorably they are packaged with the little animals sticking out! These mean so very much to us as Coalition Life’s pregnancy resource center coaches so many women who could use the love for their babies and themselves! I also am so touched by the details of what you have included–the cozy mom shirt and the handmade baby quilts are just so thoughtful. 



Thank you so very much for the layette bundles. They are BEAUTIFUL! We appreciate every second that you put into making them. May God bless each of you and your families. Thank you for what you are doing for the mom’s in our center.



Our clients will truly appreciate your layettes, the stuffed animal adds a very special touch to the beautiful layette set. Thank you for the [layettes].



The layettes we received from Lifeline were simply beautiful! They will be a tangible reminder of the hope, encouragement and love that Pregnancy Care Center seeks to offer each client, especially those who made the difficult decision to give life to their child. Generosity like this is what allows us to serve our clients, so please accept our gratitude for your gift. We have already given two layettes to very appreciative clients. Thank you!



Hi guys! It was so great to meet you and hear more about your ministry and family the other day. Thank you so much for the Layette bundles! I’ve given 2 away to new moms this week and they really loved them and thought they were so cute with the little chicks in the center. You are a blessing and an inspiration. Thanks again and we look forward to meeting Amaris one day. 😊



Thank you so much for the bundles! They are so beautiful and thoughtful. Our clients love all the details, and the thought given to the mother as well as the baby. There is obviously so much love put into each one. Not only are the bundles filled with so many useful baby supplies, but the care behind them makes our mothers know that they are in someone’s heart. Thank you!



We are so appreciative of all you do and these wonderful gifts for the women who chose life! Praise God! Our service area covers several counties. Thanks again for all your beautiful work.



When we took ultrasound machine to see a mom going to abort .. she saw the baby and changed her mind.  That sweet baby is born!  I told her the stuffed animal and all the other gifts in there weren’t  from me but from you and gave her your story and why you make those! 

Thank you for loving the unborn with us on the street!


Sweet Baby Jesus Ministries